Purple Irish Chain Quilt Fabric

Fabric for the Purple Irish Chain via www.helloquilting.com
Thimbleberries House & Garden Tan Floral via www.helloquilting.com

The fabric for this quilt was an interesting departure/experiment for me. I don’t usually work with purple OR with Civil War era reproduction fabrics. But a friend of mine had started a quilt with both of those things based on an antique she saw in a museum, and I fell in love with it and decide to make my own. Thus the work on the Purple Irish Chain Quilt began!

For the strips I used fabric from a wide variety of sources. I took the opportunity to use up several prints from the Thimbleberries House & Garden Fabric I had leftover from when I signed up to do the House & Garden Sampler Quilt Timeline. I never loved it and haven’t finished it. So I used up my favorite prints from that, the tan floral and some of the ochre prints. Then I hit the local quilt shop and bought a bunch of civil war prints in shades of rose, orange, yellow, blue and green.

Unfortunately most of these fabrics are out of print now, and I bought them so long ago that I don’t have any record of what they were called. But if you search for “civil war quilt fabric” on either Etsy or Fabric.com, you’ll find plenty to choose from! In fact, each of the fabric squares below will take you to Fabric.com and find similar fabrics in the colors listed.

Copying my friend’s quilt, for the blocks I used the same Kona Cotton she did, in a color called Magenta. I’m not sure why it’s called Magenta, since it looks violet to me. But that’s it’s official name, Kona Cotton Magenta.

Pinning the Purple Irish Chain Quilt via www.helloquilting.com
Matching Kona Cotton to Quilt Background via www.helloquilting.com

The body of the quilt uses a purple solid that I found at the local quilt shop. I had wanted to use the same violet as the blocks but they didn’t have enough, so I compromised with the nearest thing. I don’t have an exact match for this, but I tried some Kona Cotton swatches and this is what I came up with.

The closest two are probably Berry or Geranium. Berry is a little darker, and Geranium is a little lighter. Or you could go pinker and choose Cerise, or redder and choose Bordeaux. I think they’d all work, regardless. I think ultimately that Kona Cotton Berry is the closest match, so that’d be my pick.

Pink Civil War Dargates Polychrome Fabric via www.helloquilting.com

For the backing and the binding I used a pretty pink civl war bring from my local quilt shop. It’s from the Dargates Polychrome line by designer Margo Krager from Andover. It adds a happy glow to the quilt.

Any of the fabrics I used that I have details for I’ve put in the Fabric Reference Library — they are listed below:

If you try any of these fabrics, let me know! There are some pretty colors here!

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