Orphan Block Quilted Dish Mats Timeline

Orphan Block Quilted Dish Mats via www.helloquilting.com


Started: May 2, 2013
June 25, 2103


May 2, 2013: I have several orphan blocks from UFOs that never really got off the ground, and I decide to make them into dish-draining mats. First up is the handful of blocks that I had made for the Checkered Square-in-a-Square Quilt. I assemble the few I have into a dish-drainer sized mat. While I’m at it I also use some of the strips from the Trip-Around-the-World Reproduction Quilt two make two more since that’s not speaking to me either.

May 15, 2013: I pin the dish drainers and quilt them into scraps of towel.

June 25, 2013: Along with some towel that I bind to make cloths, the Orphan Block Quilted Dish Mats are all finished!