Pillow Society: Week 7


Every week on Instagram we share pictures of pillows as part of our Pillow Society meeting (see #pillowsociety for the latest). There are always many, many pretty pictures, too many to share them all. But we pick a few highlights to give a taste. Here's the highlights from week 7:




I absolutely fell in love with Kassie's pretty farmhouse room this week. that bed reminds me so much of my old one!!

More from Kassie:



When I saw Janine's entry nook this week, I felt like I had just been transported to an English cottage. Instant calm.

More from Janine:



Corinne's home reminds me so much of my old house in the city (an English-style cottage) that it makes me all nostalgic. Except her's is way more glam and luxe than mine!

More from Corinne: